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We have gathered some of the highlights from previous LEGO® Idea Conferences here.

LEGO® Idea Conference

LEGO® Idea Conference


Quality has become an important topic within the global debate around learning and education. The World Bank talks about “The New Horizon in Education – From Access to Quality“. In 2015 the World Education Forum placed “Equitable and Inclusive Quality Education“ at the top of its agenda. And the United Nations dedicated one of the new Sustainable Development Goals to: “Ensuring equitable and quality education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.” A key outcome of the discussions at the 2016 LEGO® Idea Conference was a compilation of the leading viewpoints about quality learning in education, and applicable ways to measure and implement these at scale.

Participants were invited to brainstorm new approaches and solutions in order to change practices, behaviours and attitudes of influencers, policy makers and systems around the world. They worked to together address major barriers — including, measurement challenges, scaling issues, lack of coordinated efforts and insufficiently valuing whole child development — holding back progress and shared objectives.

The 2014 LEGO Foundation Idea Conference was designed to bring together some of the world’s brightest minds to inspire ways to make quality play a priority in homes, classrooms, workplaces and communities. The conference aimed to provide a platform to turn ideas into action.

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