The LEGO Idea Conference 2021 More information to come


Enjoy a selection of videos about the importance and value of creativity, and some interventions from the 2020 LEGO Idea Conference!

In 2020, we made the difficult decision of cancelling the LEGO Idea Conference in Billund.
But ideas never stop, and with a good pinch of creativity an 8-day virtual conference was developed, where ideas, experience and evidence were shared in order to find concrete answers and inspire action.

What are the benefits of creativity and learning though play? How can we ensure this approach is implemented in homes, schools and communities? How can we reach more children all over the world?

Why Creativity Matters

Creating Creators - new report on the importance of creativity in education systems

Watch day 1 of the conference!

Watch day 2 of the conference!

Host Carly Ciarrocchi arrives in Billund

Welcome to the virtual LEGO Idea Conference 2020

Creative Process Toolkit

Creative Process Toolkit #2 - Students share their opinion of the toolkit

From Macro to Micro #1 with Andreas Schleicher

From Macro to Micro #2

Unsolved Mysteries

Enabling Reform - LEGO Idea Conference 2020

LEGO Prize Winner Video 2020

In Search of Innovation with Rebecca Winthrop and Saku Tuominen - LEGO Idea Conference 2020

Future of Creativity - Mitch Resnick

Playing in a Musical Sandbox