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Carly Ciarrocchi

Carly Ciarrocchi

Carly Ciarrocchi is a performer, writer/creator and morning enthusiast. She is best known for her work as a host and writer for the US's only live morning show for preschoolers, Sunny Side Up (Sprout). Other hosting credits include Snug’s House and The Big Fun Crafty Show (Universal Kids). All three shows have earned Daytime Emmy nominations. As a musician, she's written tunes for Sprout/Universal Kids and is a vocalist/songwriter on Tim Kubart's Grammy Award-winning children’s album HOME. Other favorite collaborators include Pinna, Sesame Workshop, Dodo Kids, Audible and the Story Pirates. As a performer and content creator, she meets her audience where they are and keeps things just the right amount of weird. Her work combines authenticity, comedy, curriculum, resilience and surprise. She recently wrapped production on a new TV project and is mid-production on a new podcast for preschoolers. She is a proud graduate of Northwestern University.

Twitter: @carlyciarrocchi


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