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John Goodwin

John Goodwin

John Goodwin joined the LEGO Foundation as CEO in April 2017 to pursue a career where he could combine his business skills with his passion for philanthropy and driving positive social impact.

The LEGO Foundation is dedicated to influencing parents, teachers and policy makers to adopt learning through play as the most powerful means for children to acquire the broad suite of skills needed to thrive in today’s world – and to provide the evidence and advocacy to support it.

Prior to being appointed CEO of the LEGO Foundation, Mr Goodwin held a position as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the LEGO Group with responsibilities comprising finance, corporate IT, corporate social responsibility, external relations, corporate business services, legal affairs and procurement.

Before joining the LEGO Group, John served as a President in Procter & Gamble where he was responsible for leading a variety of global businesses.

In addition to his paid employment, Mr Goodwin is an active leader and contributor in the charitable sector.

John Goodwin at LEGO Idea Conference 2019

Global Grover talks to John Goodwin at the Global Refugee Forum