Making Creativity Happen How Can We Cultivate Creative Skills for All Children?

Mark d'Inverno

Mark d'Inverno

Mark d’Inverno has spent the last 20 years undertaking cutting-edge research at the frontiers of AI, creativity and learning – asking how they relate to each other and how the different academic disciplines can provide us with insights into the role we want AI to play in both learning and creative practice. Mark’s PhD from UCL investigated the concepts of agency and autonomy in artificial systems, and since then he has published around peer-reviewed 200 articles and several authored and edited books (including the book “Computers and Creativity”). Mark is a Pro Warden (Pro Vice-Chancellor) at Goldsmiths, University of London – known for an array of alumni who have contributed to the creative and cultural industries nationally and internationally – where he leads on developing the College’s international profile and engagement.  Before his current role, Mark led the Department of Computing, renowned for pioneering new programmes at the cutting edge of new technologies and creative practice (Digital Arts Computing, Music Computing and Creative Computing). He is a critically acclaimed jazz pianist (Guardian, Observer, BBC) and for nearly 40 years has led a variety of successful bands in a range of different musical genres.

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